"The sheer amount of energy and the level of competency here at CNIL gives me the feeling of being at the cusp of a revolution. The problems we work on are extremely intuitive and require well-rounded, talented individuals to crack them."

- Aayush Chugh

"CNIL for me is the complete opposite of the 8-5 office grind. I work with excellent people and we have constant communication. The challenging pace makes sure that I learn fast and stay at the top of my game, not to mention, the generous compensation and the never ending perks."

- Saket Gurukar

"For any true-blooded coder, CodeNation Innovation Labs is the place to be at. You get to learn about the latest and best of technologies while working in a fast paced environment. Top programmers from all around come together making it a great place to pick up skills from the best minds in the business. I spent the best 3 months of my life at TU."

- Shivam Rana

"There are so many reasons that make Code Nation Innovation Labs the best startup to work with - I hold complete ownership of what I work on. I get to decide how and what needs to be done. I interact with CEO's and CTO's directly almost on a daily basis and learn new things everyday. The open culture ensures that everybody's views are considered while going forward. It instills in you a sense of confidence that whatever might be the problem to be solved or technology to work on, you will ace it."

- Swapnil Mahajan