Start something with a real purpose.

Carve a fast-track path for yourself by working on live projects and observe the impact of what you create in two months. jTU is our 2-month summer internship program for talented young people with heaps of potential. You will be treated as one of our own and will receive real responsibility from day one. When you come aboard you're not only joining a cool organisation working on intriguing problems, you're joining it at the inflection point – possibly the best time to do so. You will work out of Bangalore and receive a generous stipend of Rs. 75,000 along with other benefits.

Here’s what our interns have been up to.

Abhishek Varma

( jTU 2014)

"My project was the DFRL JDBC Player. My goal was to make the JDBC player and integrate it with DFRL. The second step was to test the JDBC player with real-world applications. I instrumented the original class of database driver manager. The result is that, when the software asks for the connection from driver manager it returns the player connection. This tool is useful because the database needed by the software while testing the software in our environment will be provided by the JDBC player."

Nitesh Agarwal

( jTU 2015)

"I developed a tool that assists users get their job configurations correctly on Cloudburst, a CN product. I got the opportunity to design the entire thing from scratch. I made a Lightweight client side interface, an application for Graphical Visualizations of machines, an application for form generation from a Relax NG schema, and also wrote APIs to create and fire test jobs. I came to know about some of the latest technologies from some of the finest minds while working on this in just two months. I learned "n" times more than I had learned in my three years of college."

Ferooz Khan

( jTU 2015)

“Our project during the summer internship was to use Microsoft Kinect to enhance the customer experience in a retail shop. My partner and I were in charge of shelf and content mapping. We were asked to create a user interface for a store manager by designing a 2 dimensional layout of all the shelves in the store. I created the UI using Bootstrap and AngularJS for the store manager to enter new products with the specifications.

My time spent at jTU was highly productive. I got the opportunity to explore and learn new technologies. It helped me gain knowledge about the entire software life cycle from designing a software, developing software to deploying it. The SDEs were extremely helpful and patiently cleared all our doubts. An added bonus, we had outings every week to any place of our choice.”

Priyanshu Singh

( jTU 2015)

"The best part of my project here was that we were given the liberty to come up with the idea for the project, with the restriction that it should be cool enough to interest ourselves over two months. The project we decided upon was based on gesture detection using kinect devices. We used the devices to develop systems which could gamify the shopping experience of customers at malls. Our project was lead by Rahul, who is also the CEO, and mentored by tech leads of the company.

During two months of the internship, we went on several outings, including dirt-biking, resorts, bowling and movies. The best time we had was on Fridays during the Demo-meetings, where we were supposed to give a brief about our progress. Our product broke down many times, but my mentor was supportive and his feedback ensured we were always moving forward in the project. Along with technical knowledge, he also taught me and my team-mate a couple of industry lingos, which were super-cool to hear from him. Everyone was very knowledgable and super-friendly, and this made it an awesome learning and fun experience."