Hiring Process

To find a perfect fit, we follow a very structured approach to assess the strengths and abilities of an applicant.

It stands to reason that coding is a prerequisite. We run a coding challenge - CodeAgon, twice a year to shortlist candidates for the interviews. Alternatively, if we visit a campus, the candidates are first made to go through a online test. It is to understand if the candidates are above the bar where they can translate their thinking to code in a reasonable manner.

If you make it through the online test, you move on to the first interview which is designed to assess your coding prowess and problem solving skills. You are presented with some complex situations that need to be coded. This interview has slightly more abstract problems with a slight level of indirection thrown in.

The seniority level goes up a notch for next interviews. The second interview is to assess the depth of your concepts and the initiatives you have undertaken. If you have been an intern in a firm and believe that you have done some good work, we dig into it to find out the kind of knowledge you acquired and the technologies you used along with the fundamental paradigms associated with them. For projects that you have been a part of, we like to go deep in a specific area and ask about your role and the contributions you made.

The third interview checks your ability to concretize a fuzzy problem statement into a solution. You will be given a vaguely specified problem statement based on real world scenarios and asked to build a solution for it. For example, if you had your own startup and had to build a solution like Google maps, how would you go about it? How would you build an auto-suggest tool on an e-commerce website? We expect you to understand the complications involved. It is expected of you to look at the problem in a more holistic manner and understand the intricacies in all aspects.