Building products from scratch is serious work, it doesn't have to be a serious process. The culture at CNIL is unique, fun, irreverent and goofy, just like a true friend. It brims with interesting twists on traditional ways of operating and you are encouraged to be yourself and have a good time. We have some incredibly smart people from different backgrounds and various parts of the nation, all working together with a common goal to conjure up products that make a difference to millions.

No bosses

We carry the ownership of whatever we work on, compelling ourselves to be smarter and more innovative. Work flows efficiently and effortlessly with no micro monitoring. The whole process gives the team a tremendous amount of creative freedom

No cabins

An open office fosters a healthy work environment. There are no rooms, only castles and territories- ruled by the Targaryens and Baratheons; manned by the Nightswatch. 


A great team equals great relationships and hence, great culture. We have weekly meetups where every team talks about their goals and accomplishments.   Everyone knows about what the others are doing, ensuring we all stay ahead of the game.


Think good music complements coding? Like watching movies between programming sessions? It does not matter whether you work 9-5 or early in the morning or late nights as long as the work gets done. Our pantry is always stacked with food- healthy and junk, ensuring there's never a moment when anyone is hungry.


It is much more than the liberty to choose what to wear. It includes the space to experiment, innovate and make mistakes. When your hand is on a lever that powers an entire product, you always strive to put your best foot forward.


From Wacky Wednesdays to zany theme parties, there is never a dull moment. Our top coders are champion foosball players and masters of the console.