CNILs People Philosophy

The very nature of Code Nation Innovation Labs is that of innovation. We enjoy experiencing creativity in all it's forms. A startup with a culture of innovation in which everybody engages in plenty of creative and critical thinking, never runs out of innovative ways to solve problems.


We are a bunch of incredibly passionate people and each product for us is a startup in its own right. Complete ownership of the product comes with great responsibility. A holistic approach to product development becomes essential to cover all the little intricacies. In a very entrepreneurial fashion, we take control of and make contributions to all the aspects, be it designing the product or selling it. We have an experimental attitude, constantly probing for more to explore. We aren't stuck doing the same things, we continuously experiment, from which we gain a great amount of perspective.

Problem Solvers

We believe in taking the road less traveled. Our ability to think creatively and abstractly helps us identify patterns and exploit them. Large problems are broken down to the simplest components, making way for elegant solutions that have a huge and quantifiable impact.


To bring about disruption you have to move fast and break the status quo. We are constantly seeking new experiences, products, and processes, while trying to figure out how to improve each one. A culture of innovation requires high levels of proactivity and rifle focus on product and quality.


We never tire from asking questions and learning about how things work. We soak in everything and anything we can. Our curiosity inspires us to explore new avenues as we attempt to discover a better way of delivering value to the world.


We are encouraged to be free thinkers and are offered ample opportunities to build things we believe in. We are never satisfied with what we know. We want to discover. We enjoy learning. The urge to know is not merely a distraction, it consumes us and never goes away.